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Security Training Programs and Workshops

Audience: All levels of personnel in organizations ranging from municipalities to senior residences; from college campuses to overseas high-risk locations.

• Syllabus: Developed and delivered according to client's needs.


Available Training Courses and Programs:  

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Preparation

ERP Response Training 

Information Security Basic Concepts

General Security Awareness

Protection of Sensitive Information

Security in Equipment Management, Network, and Systems

Security Personnel Duties & Responsibilities

Security Program and Compliance Standard Requirements

Surveillance Detection

MTSA Facility Personnel

MTSA Facility Security Officer

MTSA Personnel with Security Duties

MTSA Pier Personnel

Available Workshops:  

Alarm System User

Best Practices in Mail Handling

Information Classification and Treatment

Management of Aggressive Persons

Personal Safety

Preventing Laptop Theft

Receptionist's Role in Security

Travel Security

Workplace Violence Awareness for Supervisor

Certified Security Training Programs and Workshops by Merkurios SSM 

Merkurios Safety & Security Management


Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

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