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Through safety & security consulting we can...

  • Determine if your safety and security program is effective.

  • Assist you in complying with regulatory requirements such as CFATS & MTSA.

  • Work on a construction/building security project team for programming or preparation of construction documents.

  • Conduct a third party security audit to meet a regulatory or board of directors inquiry.

  • Conduct a risk analysis to determine how to prevent safety and security breaches before they ever occur.

  • Prepare a security training program for your facility security officer or employees.

  • Design an access control, intrusion detection or video surveillance system.

  • Develop a site safety & security plan.

  • Develop an emergency response plan.

  • Facilitate table-top exercises of your emergency response plan for training and continuous purposes



After conducting a full security assessment for a client, we found, through our investigations, that their most likely scenario was a workplace violence incident within two years. They chose not to do anything and unfortunately we were right and an employee was assaulted by her boyfriend less than a year and a half later. It was after that incident that the client decided they needed Merkurios Safety & Security Management to develop an awareness and response program for them.


Safety & Security Consulting

Business Case

Following a major incident, companies that do not manage a safety & security program will spend much more  than those who do have a program in place. Insurance companies know this, and reduce premiums where there is evidence of a well managed program.


Merkurios Safety & Security Management


Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

Security Services

At Merkurios Safety & Security Management we offer the following Security Services...

  • Preventive Services

    • Pre-employment Screening

    • Criminal Background Checks

    • Drug Screening

    • Security Consulting

    • Driving Reports

    • Credit Reports

    • Bodyguards

    • Undercover Investigations

    • Theft Determinations

  • Special Investigation Services

    • Workmen's Compensation / Injury Claims Investigation

    • Computer Information Theft

    • Internal Theft

    • White Collar Crime

    • Undercover Operations

    • Merger / Acquisition Investigation

    • Debugging / Electronic Counter-measures

  • Personal Investigation Services

    • Asset Searches

    • Surveillance

    • Child Custody Cases

    • Runaway Recovery

    • Child Abduction Cases

    • Adoption Issues

    • Divorce and pre-divorce investigations

    • Locates

    • Drug Testing

    • Seminal Testing

    • Criminal Background Checks

    • Court Testimony

    • Video Documentation

  • Legal Support Services

    • Custody Cases

    • Asset Searches

    • Surveillance

    • Missing Persons

    • Kidnapping / Runaways

    • Witness Location

    • Witness Statements

    • Criminal Defense

    • Polygraph Services

    • Handwriting Analysis

    • Independent Testing / Substances

    • Seminal Residue Testing

    • Independent Experts

    • DWI Reconstructions

    • Fingerprint Services

    • Accident Reconstructions

    • Citations and Subpoena Services

  • Insurance Investigation Services

    • Workman's Compensation Investigations

    • Fraudulent Claims Investigation

    • Videography

    • Photography (stills)

    • Neighborhood Canvassing

    • Witness Statements

    • Receipt Verification

    • Staged Accident Investigations

Safety & Security Products

At Merkurios SSM, we offer you the following safety & security products:


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